Top 10 Things To Do In Maydena

  • 1) Maydena Bike Park

    34 Kallista Rd, Maydena TAS 7140, Australia .

    If shredding is your thing, this world-class gravity focused Mountain Bike Park will have you exhilarated and on a high, for sure!

    With over 73 trails to explore, there is something to suit all ability levels from beginners to elite riders.

    MTB professionals offer lessons and coaching so you can develop and refine your skills.

    There’s a canteen that serves great meals and after a day’s ride, you can relax and unwind in the Beer Garden.

    Bike hire is available.

    Maydena Bike Park is open 7 days a week from September to April. Days are reduced from May to August.

    It’s located just 700 meters from Giants' Table Cottages.

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  • 2) Mt Field National Park

    Lake Dobson Rd, Mount Field TAS, Australia .

    This is one of Tasmania’s oldest and most diverse national parks, home to an abundance of wildlife. 

    The first park entrance includes a Visitor Centre and picnic facilities. This is also where you’ll find the famous Russell Falls (arguably the most impressive waterfalls in Tasmania). They are an easy, 15 minute walk from the Visitor Centre. 

    The second visitor area is located on Lake Dobson. Here you can do some longer walks. In the warmer months, you can admire the vibrant wildflowers and marvel in the exquisite flora. As you climb to higher altitudes, you’ll notice the unique alpine vegetation. 

    In Winter, you will see spectacular glacial lakes and dramatic mountain scenery, with the option to do some cross country or downhill skiing. 

    It’s no wonder it’s known as ‘the park for all seasons.’

    Mt Field National Park is just a 34 minute drive (22 km) from Giants’ Table Cottages.

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  • 3) Wilderness Walks - Short and sweet

    Junee Rd, Maydena TAS, Australia .

    Junee Cave Track 

    This is a moderately easy walk that takes 20-30 minutes. The trail follows the crystal-clear Junee River. You walk through the under storey of the rainforest and then into open woodland. 

    Then you arrive at the mouth of a vast underground labyrinth of limestone caves. The Junee- Florentine karst system has two of the deepest caves in Australia! 

    Aboriginal heritage is preserved in some of these caves such as tools, animal bones, hearths and hand stencils.

    The start of the Junee Cave track is just an 8 minute drive (3.4 km) from Giants’ Table Cottages.

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    Creepy Crawly Nature Trail Walk

    This easy, 20 minute (0.5 km) return walk takes you through the cool temperate rainforest in the Franklin- Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. The track has some stairs and a gentle slope in some sections. Information displays are along the walk so you can learn about Tasmania’s unique flora and fauna. 

    This is a 30 minute drive from Giants’ Table Cottages.

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    Twisted Sister Loop Walk

    This walk takes approximately 20 minutes return (0.6 km). It leads you through the rainforest, where you can spot many exotic fungi species. You walk through a small wetland before reaching the base of a huge Eucalyptus regnant tree, named the ‘Twisted Sister.’ 

    The beginning of the walk (near Florentine) is a 20 minute drive from Giants’ Table Cottages.

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  • 4) The Summit - Sensational Sunset Views

    34-36 Kallista Road, Maydena TAS, Australia .

    The dramatic panoramic views will take your breath away. At 1,100 meters above sea level, the Summit Building is the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the South West Wilderness. 

    You can take a bus here from the Maydena Bike Park. Indulge in a mountain top feast paired with Tasmania’s finest wine, beer or spirits. 

    Check the website for current bus times and dining options. Bookings are essential.  

    The bus leaves just 700 meters from Giants’ Table Cottages.

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  • 5) Trout Fishing

    Junee Rd, Maydena TAS, Australia .

    The Tyenna River is known as the best trout fishing river in Australia. 

    Large populations of small to medium brown and rainbow trout provide excellent sport for all methods of angling. A number of trophy fish are taken in the Tyenna River each season! 

    You will need a current angling licence to fish in any inland water in Tasmania. Make sure you buy your licence prior to arriving. 

    Tyenna River access areas are just a 2 minute stroll from the Giants’ Table Cottages. 

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  • 6) Styx - Walk in the Valley of the Giants

    Styx TAS 7140, Australia .

    Experience the wonder of the towering Giant Ash trees- the largest and tallest eucalyptus trees on the planet! The conservation area has numerous species that measure over 90 metres high. 

    Walk at the feet of these dominating giants and appreciate the rainforest that supports them in this World Heritage Wilderness Area.

    The two best sign posted short walks are: ‘The Styx Rivers Walk’ and the ‘Big Tree Reserve walk’ which has a boardwalk and viewing platform.  

    Take care on other walks, as some are not as well signed posted. 

    This is just a 40 minute drive from Giants’ Table Cottages. 

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  • 7) Abseiling

    Gordon Dam, Southwest TAS, Australia .

    For those seeking something daring, this abseiling adventure will be sure to give you an adrenaline rush! At 140 meters high, the Gordon Dam is the world’s highest commercial abseil.  Aardvark Adventures run these most days. Bookings are essential. 

    This is just an hour drive from Giants’ Table Cottages.

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  • 8) Kayaking Tours

    2622 Gordon River Road, National Park Tasmania 7140, Australia .

    Fancy kayaking in some of Tasmania’s wildest, most pristine rivers and lakes?

    Tassie Bound Adventure Tours offer a range of options for all abilities. You can paddle with platypuses down the serene Derwent River or for a faster paced experience, you can get your heart rate up, navigating through some natural river rollercoasters.

    You may prefer to float on the amber waters of Lake Pedder and take in the stunning scenery and quartzite beaches. Here you can immerse yourself in the UNESCO World Heritage Wilderness.  

    Tours operate from September until mid-May each year. 

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  • 9) Magnificent Marriot Falls

    Gordon River Rd, Tyenna TAS, Australia .

    To access these stunning water falls, take the rainforest walk that runs alongside the Tyenna River. It is a moderate level (grade 3) hike and takes approximately 1.5 hours (5 km return). 

    Please note: When you reach the grass plain clearing from the forest, you will need to locate the metal poles and metallic arrows that will guide you back onto the track of the next section of forest. 

    Marriot Falls Track carpark is less than a 10 min drive from Giants’ Table Cottages.

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  • 10) Rail Track Riders

    Maydena TAS, Australia .

    This is certainly a novel experience, where you can sit back and pedal along the historical rail line that was once used to haul timber. There are three styles of riders that can sit two, three or four people. Suitable for all ages.

    Unlike bike seats, the riders have full seats complete with back rests, so you can sit back in comfort as you journey through fern laden rainforest on either side.

    There are two ride options that pass through historical remnants such as miners’ old boarding huts and dry cement silos that were used during the construction of the Gordon hydroelectric power station. Rides take approximately 1.25 hours (return). Bookings are essential. 

    Start in Maydena, just a 4 minute walk from Giants’ Table Cottages.

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